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Make Your Own Paper and Tape Child Mannequin dress form.  Get both for just $5.00 more.
Pattern grid and instructions for soft and rigid mermaid.  Digital Book letter size  $30.00
This is a large (11X17) heavy stock book to be mailed.  Cut out the parts and assemble a little mermaid and on't stop there.  Download version if you have a large format printer.



Pattern Download for making cloth heart necklace from your favorite fabric scraps.
I have created Soooooo many instructionals over the years that I can't even list them all here.  I am thinking about perhaps offering a project a month to subscribers for a small fee-$6.00 maybe.  If you are interested in subscribing, contact me and I will decide if there is enough interest to set it up.  Otherwise, at least I will have your email and can let you know when new projects are listed.
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Paper Fairy Sitter Download

Black Line Master $5.00

2 Thick business-card size prints to make 2 cute Easter girl in egg lapel pins.  Includes instructions.  free shipping.  $12.00
     These are very expensive as they are custom one-off prints.  I am always searching for better prices.  Please contact if you find a large format fabric printer costing less than Spoonflower or Karma.




Black Line Masters for large cards and small versions to make a pin to wear.  "You're Special".  (Love Is Something)  Digital download.  $15.00
Humpty Shelf Sitter.  Image paper pattern to cut out the parts and assemble. Digital Download. $30.00
Black Line Master pattern and instructions for making little paper trees with pearls.  Digital download.  $5.00
Prints scaled to fit your window display.  Instructions.  Contact for details.  classconscious@comcast.net     $19.00 to $100.00
Black Line Master pattern and instructions for making jack-o-lantern twinkle lights.  Digital download  $5.00
Make unlimited paper angels to hang.  Image-printed pattern.  Digital download.  $19.00 
Make unlimited large paper lanterns to decorate and hang.  Digital download.  $19.00
This is a large (11X17) heavy stock book to be mailed.  Cut out the parts and assemble.  $35.00

Digital Download if you have a 11X17 inch printer  $30.00

Basic concepts.  First MYO process project.  You will need an old mannequin model for this one.  Digital download.   $25.00