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Sample Pages From Vol. 1
     These are three of the mannequins used to demonstrate how to make your own paper mannequins.  None of these three cuties are available for sale but the mermaids may still be available.  The two little girls each have their own book but the similarities are so vast they even use the same torso pattern and stand instructions.  For that reason they are listed here together.  If you like the stand base with the printed shoes, choose vol.1   If you are fond of girls with teeth and like the valentine stand, choose vol. 2.  Otherwise the books are similar.  If you would like both volumes, We will offer both in a package for a great price. 

     This is volume 1 of two child display stand projects.  This is a single post stand made of wood.  This mannequin is made of paper and tape and is quite sturdy.

     Print out pages included.

     Simple concepts that require a scroll saw, drill and some basic tools.

     Original child mannequin parts like head and arms will be required as a model and these will get scratched during the process.  You will not need a torso if you use the pattern provided.