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2 Thick business-card size prints to make 2 cute Easter girl in egg lapel pins.  Includes instructions.  free shipping. 


     If these vintage inspired lapel card pins tickle your fancy, I've made many others  They are not printed on cards like this one but you could print and glue to card stock.  Here is a link to HumptyLabel.com where you can see more Easter Pins and HERE to see Valentine pins.  Christmas angel pins?  Please inquire.
     Adorable and whimsical.  This little is decked out in her Easter attire and standing in an egg shell holding an egg shell parasol.  Project comes with two thick business-card-size prints to cut out, decorate, assemble and wear on your lapel or vest.  Why two?  Just in case of a mistake there is a back up.  If you make no mistakes you can give one to a friend.  Because of the thickness of the card you will not be able to print it with an ordinary printer so it must be mailed.  Comes with instructions.